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Rene Jones

Rene Jones was one of the founding members of our group back in 2001. 

She was a key driver to starting our first Buddy Walk in 2003. She was a tireless advocate for her daughter Kally, and those in our community with Down syndrome. In 2006, Rene tragically died in a car accident. We renamed our Buddy Walk in her memory, and each year we dedicate the Buddy Walk in her honor to demonstrate in some small way how much she meant to us and our community.

Here's to you Rene - we miss and love you!


She served as an officer for many years, and helped us attain non-profit status.  She wrote the newsletter for many years and was very active in the disability community.


 Rene, her family and Kim.

Rene with Nancy, our first self-advocate speaker.

Rene was always willing to share information with younger parents.  She was always positive with a kind word for or about everyone.  

Rene supervising the cookie decorating (she made all the cookies herself).

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